A divorce is rarely simple or easy, and we at McKay Law Firm know this from experience. We are passionate and dedicated to helping you navigate through this stressful and sometimes heartbreaking time. Unless you and your spouse can agree on every issue concerning your children, property, and any other assets obtained during the marriage, an uncontested divorce will not be possible. Since Arkansas is an equitable distribution state, we want to make sure everything important to you is fairly and equally distributed.

Representation, Counsel And Preparation During Every Stage Of Your Divorce

At McKay Law Firm, we want to help you reach reasonable alternatives to divide all forms of marital property, custody of your children, and time with your children in ways that meet your needs.

We know that divorce can be mentally and emotionally draining. That's why we strive to handle all paperwork and ensure all aspects of the divorce are addressed upfront, leaving no issues unresolved. We are here to help guide you out of this dark time and on to a less tumultuous future.

Involvement Of Children

If no minor children are involved in your case, the focus of your divorce process will be on property division and spousal support/alimony.

Divorce with Children from the Marriage

When children are involved, your case will most likely be more complex based on the possible arguments concerning the best interests of your children/child. Orders involving your children include: custody, visitation, child support, and/or relocation.