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Can I be arrested for burglary if I break into my own home?

| Oct 5, 2021 | Uncategorized

It has happened to pretty much everyone at some point: you get in a hurry, rush out of home and forget or lock your keys in the car. What happens next? For most people, calling the towing company or a locksmith makes perfect sense. But what if it is in the middle of the night and no business is open?

In this case, it is not unusual for most people to try to break into their own homes or car. While you can succeed in gaining access to your home, your action may come with unintended repercussions. Chances are a neighbor, or a passerby might see what you are doing and call the police to make a burglary report. And it is possible that you might get arrested for attempted robbery following this event. 

What to do if you’re arrested for breaking into your home in Arkansas

It is important that you come up with a plan of action if you have been arrested for breaking into your own property. A few experiences are as tense and unnerving as dealing with the police, even if you are not committing any crime. Keep in mind that the person who called the police reported an ongoing act of burglary, so the police will understandably be looking for potential signs of criminal activity. This is why you must follow these simple steps when dealing with the police:

  • Be calm and courteous
  • Identify yourself and provide any form of ID you might have
  • Give a detailed explanation of the situation
  • Cooperate if handcuffed

While it is natural to become agitated and demand that you be let go, this is never a good idea. The police are not sure what is going on, and they are cautious of any potential signs of crime. Remaining calm and cooperative can prevent the situation from escalating into something dangerous. 

While it is uncommon for people to be arrested for breaking into their own homes, it is possible. That is why you must be prepared. Remaining calm, cooperating with the police and knowing your legal rights are the best ways to handle such a situation and avoid a criminal charge