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Could someone be taping your conversations?

On Behalf of | Nov 1, 2021 | Criminal Defense

You’ve gotten involved in something that you shouldn’t have, and you’re worried about your legal liability. You’re understandably anxious, and you probably need some words of wisdom and a little comfort from those you know.

You might want to save your questions and fears for your attorney’s office, however. There are few other places or situations where your conversations are truly private.

How could someone be listening in on your phone calls or personal conversations?

If you haven’t (yet) been charged with a crime, you may think that the police don’t have the evidence they need to go forward — and you could be right.

They may get what they need, however, thanks to family, friends, business associates or others — and they don’t even need a warrant. Since Arkansas is a one-party consent state when it comes to recordings, only one party to a conversation has to be aware that it is being recorded for the recordings to be legal.

In other words, your phone call with your romantic partner could be bugged (with their consent), and your best friend could have a recording device in their pocket when they meet you for coffee.

Why would anybody who cares about you consent to that kind of intrusion? After all, if you’re innocent of the charges, it will still probably damage your relationship forever once you find out that someone cooperated with the police to record you.

Well, some people may just delight in the idea that they’re important and “involved” in an official investigation. However, most people who willingly allow the police to tape their conversations do so because they’re concerned about their legal liabilities. The police can be both persuasive and scary.

When you think you may be in trouble with the law and the consequences could be serious, be proactive: Find out about your potential defenses and what you can do to protect your rights.