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How does probation work in Arkansas?

On Behalf of | Feb 15, 2022 | Probation & Parole

For some people who are facing criminal charges, trying to avoid time in jail or prison is the priority. They might learn that they’re being sentenced to probation and be thankful about it. If you’re in this position, be sure that you carefully consider the terms so you don’t break them.

Your probation officer will go over the terms of your supervised release. There are some that are universal to everyone on probation, but there are some that might be specific to your case. 

What are some of the terms of probation?

Typically, you have to remain in the area of the probation office. The officer will tell you where you can go. This means that if you want to travel outside of the stated area, you’ll have to get permission. 

You can’t use drugs while you’re on probation. If you’re on probation for a drug charge, you may have to have periodic drug tests. In some cases, you may have to wear a monitor to determine if you’re drinking alcohol.

You aren’t allowed to hang around other people who have been convicted of crimes. You can’t participate in criminal activity. If you’re charged with a crime after you’re on probation, you’ll get into trouble.

While probation might seem like a minor consequence of a conviction, it’s one that you need to take seriously. Any mishaps when you’re on probation could lead to a violation, which can mean you have to spend time in jail. It’s imperative that you comply with the terms you’re given. If you face a probation violation, remember that you stand before the judge in a bench trial. This means that the judge is the sole person who decides your fate. An experienced defense is wise.