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What makes a robbery “aggravated” in Arkansas?

On Behalf of | Apr 8, 2022 | Robbery & Theft

Crimes that involve taking property like robbery, theft and burglary are all defined differently under the law, and those laws vary by state. The way criminal act is carried out and the value of the items taken can both affect the criminal penalties faced by someone who is convicted.

Let’s look at one crime in particular – aggravated robbery. Robbery is essentially the theft of property by the threat of or actual use of force. What makes a robbery “aggravated?”

How Arkansas law defines it

Under Arkansas law, a robbery is aggravated if a person has a deadly weapon or indicates “by word or conduct” that they have such a weapon. Therefore, a person who robs a bank by claiming they have a gun in their pocket and appearing to point it at a teller could be charged with aggravated robbery even if they didn’t really have a weapon.

A robbery is also considered “aggravated” if a person “inflicts or attempts to inflict death or serious physical injury” on someone. A person who beats someone to the point where they suffer a serious brain injury and then steals the victim’s wallet could potentially be charged with aggravated robbery.

Class Y felonies carry the potential for decades behind bars

In Arkansas, aggravated robbery is a Class Y felony. Under the law, the sentence for anyone who is convicted of a Class Y felony can be anywhere from ten years to life.

Even what might start out as an attempt to get some money or other item of value without hurting anyone physically can go horribly wrong in a few seconds. If you or a loved one is facing aggravated robbery charges, it’s crucial to get experienced legal guidance. No one should try to navigate the criminal justice system on their own when their future is at stake.