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Don’t become an accidental drug dealer

On Behalf of | May 24, 2022 | Drug Crimes

You have never planned on selling drugs as a way to make money, but you could still find yourself in that position. You may be accused of dealing drugs even if you never intended it.

For example, did you know that it’s illegal to share or sell your prescription medications? You may have used your prescription to legally obtain these medications, but that doesn’t give you full control over what you do with them after the fact. If you sell them to a third party or even give them to a friend or a family member, you could be accused of numerous drug crimes. You may not even think of these as drugs, instead thinking of them as medicine, but they fall into the same laws because they are controlled substances.

Why would people share drugs anyway?

It’s clear that the law is written this way to keep people from sharing prescription medications to be used recreationally. This has become a major topic in the United States, as the opioid epidemic continues.

But you may have no intention to share them recreationally. Maybe you just know someone else who has similar symptoms to your own, you don’t need the medication anymore, and so you see selling the remaining pills to a third party as a way to help them and make a nice little income for yourself. Maybe it helps to offset the cost of reaching your deductible if insurance didn’t cover the medication initially.

You may have good intentions, but you could still wind up facing some serious legal charges, and that’s when you need to know about all of your criminal defense options.