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Expungements And Gun Rights In Arkansas

As an American citizen, you have rights. This truth does not change, even if you have been involved in a criminal case. The reality is that, even though you have rights, there are times when you have to fight to protect these rights, and times when you need the help of an experienced lawyer to do so.

At McKay Law Firm, PLLC Attorneys At Law, our lawyers are committed to protecting our clients’ rights. From our office in Little Rock, we fight for clients throughout the surrounding area of Arkansas. Our attorneys handle cases that include expungements, record sealing and governor’s pardons as they pertain to gun rights in the state.

Expungements And Record Sealing

Not all situations are eligible for expungement, but in cases that are, the result is that the criminal record cannot be used against you in future cases. This can be an extremely valuable benefit for people.

Not all charges are eligible for expungement in Arkansas, and not all cases that are eligible are actually expunged. It is critical to have an experienced attorney help you through this process to make sure that, if possible, your files are expunged.

A Governor’s Pardon

A governor’s pardon is an extremely valuable asset. When obtained, a pardon means that the record of the conviction is cleared. You will not have to claim the conviction on applications or in other contexts. It is literally as if the conviction never happened.

Further, with a governor’s pardon, you retain your firearm rights. The right to bear arms is a critical right for many of our clients. The process of obtaining a pardon is complicated and there certainly are no guarantees. Our attorneys have a strong track record of success. We know how to maximize our clients’ chances of obtaining this valuable pardon so you move on with your life.

Contact Us To Get The Help You Need

While we can’t guarantee specific results, we can guarantee that we will do everything possible to get your records expunged or get a pardon on your behalf. Call us at 877-224-1688 or email us. We offer free initial consultations.