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What Does An Assault Charge Mean For Me?

Though assault and battery are often paired in our minds, they are actually different charges. Assault includes creating the fear of physical threat to another individual, while battery requires actual injury. The nature of these charges means that they are often also paired legally. You can be charged for either alone or both together.

Consequences for assault and battery charges, whether paired or separate, can be severe. Depending on the actual offense, you may face fines and probation, or you may face extended imprisonment. The seriousness of the charges can make facing them one of the most stressful periods of your life. That’s why you need an experienced attorney like our team at McKay Law Firm, PLLC.

Working On Your Behalf To Reduce Or Eliminate Charges

The outcome of your case can depend on the quality of your representation. Experienced assault and battery defense attorneys know that skillful representation throughout the process of investigation can protect clients in more ways than one, including allowing the possibility of reducing or eliminating charges.

In order to do so, we are committed to ensuring that law enforcement is following protocol. The criminal justice system is designed to be fair to those accused. However, the job of police and prosecutors is to secure a conviction. A skilled attorney can hold law enforcement officers accountable for their actions and prevent them from taking advantage of you. If they act incorrectly, it may lead to a more favorable outcome for you.

At McKay Law Firm, PLLC, we are dedicated to acting in our clients’ best interests, at all times. We will be there for you throughout the investigation process, and we will hold our own investigation to ensure that everything is handled correctly by law enforcement.

Talk To A Lawyer Who’s There For You

You deserve a lawyer who is dedicated to you and your case. To talk to one of our skilled assault and battery defense attorneys, call our Little Rock office at 501-451-4705, or reach out through our online contact form. Your initial consultation will be free.