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Why Call A Lawyer Before Being Charged?

In most cases, people do not even consider calling an attorney for their criminal defense until they have been officially charged with a specific crime. Even if they know they are under investigation, they don’t figure a lawyer can do much to help them until the charges are levied. However, this is not true. There is a lot a lawyer can do for you, even before you have been charged.

At McKay Law Firm, PLLC Attorneys At Law, we always prefer when clients call us right away, even before they are charged with crimes. We know how to work a case and mitigate damage before it happens. Our attorneys have a wealth of experience handling all types of criminal charges for clients in Little Rock and the surrounding Arkansas areas.

What We Can Do To Help You

In our pre-arrest representation, there are two main things we do for our clients.

First, we provide critical legal counsel. Our lawyers can help you understand what charges you might be facing, and we can help you know exactly what you should do. How you handle the time you are under investigation, and how you handle yourself if you are arrested are critical to minimizing the damage you could face from criminal charges.

Second, we can do some initial research and help your case. Depending on the circumstances, we could work with the prosecuting attorney and convince them to lower the charges or drop them altogether. We can also can protect your rights regarding the ongoing investigation.

Contact Us Today To Protect Your Rights

When facing criminal charges, you are in the fight of your life. It is important to start fighting back as soon as possible to maximize your chances of avoiding prison time, fines and other penalties.

Our lawyers are here to help you. Call us at 877-224-1688 or fill out our online contact form. Our attorneys offer free initial consultations, so there’s no financial risk in talking with us about your situation.